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Ski resort of "les 3 vallées"

"Agriculture, industry and tourism"

Tourism in Orelle was born in 1996 with the opening of the 3 Vallées Express gondola, but Orelle had long dreamed of tourism...
Here is the story of Orelle…

A great evolution in a century

In 1730,

Orelle was composed of 7 hamlets : Bonvillard, Orellette, Le Noiray, La Fusine, Les Provencières, la Bronsonnière and Poucet.

People cultivated cereals (we still can see « terrasses farming » in Orelle) and wine. They also were farmers, like many people at that time.

In 1893

Between 1931 and 1935,

Towards the end of the Sixties, the wages of workmen became sufficient to provide for their families without having to do additional agricultural work. Agriculture ceased to be carried out as an economic activity. The decline of the electrochemical factory, at the beginning of the Seventies, generated a rapid population drop which reached an all-time low in 1991 when the factory closed down completely.

History of the tourism in Orelle.
A story as ambitious as unique.

It was only in 1996,

Thanks to the construction of the gondola to Val-Thorens, that the population started to grow and that the villages were rejuvenated and began to increase in size again. The commune and its inhabitants then turned towards the development of tourism - whilst always having respect for nature and tradition.

In 1989,

skiers from Val-Thorens could already ski on Orelle side thanks to Rosaël chairlift.

In 2001,

Peyron and Bouchet chairlifts were open.

In 2007,

the 3 stars residence Le Hameau des Eaux d’Orelle allowed people, not only to come for 1 day skiing, but also to spend a longer stay. All around, a lot of private apartments were restored. Tourism in Orelle was launched.

In 2014,

La Tyrolienne was born !
A unique attraction : the world, highest and longest zipline constructed in a ski resort, which made us win a world snow award!

The 2021 construction is also very ambitious !

That’s why, a unique project is now in progress, Opening in december 2021,

2 wonderfull gondolas for a new connection between the village and the famous Cime Carron, in only 19 minutes !
These cable-cars will be the fastest in France.
The first gondola will replace the actual one. The second one will start from Plan Bouchet, to La Cime Carron.

In summer time,

Orelle is also becoming more and more famous, thanks to vast spaces and landscapes, its strategic position in the heart of Maurienne Valley, the world largest cycling area, next to the legendary cycling passes of Galibier, Mont Cenis, Montvernier...

A quiet and authentic village

Despite this great development,

Orelle stays an authentic and calm village, with friendly and warm welcome. It is made up of 10 authentic hamlets nestled a few kilometres from Italy and at the foot of La Vanoise National park: Bonvillard, Chef-Lieu, Francoz, La Fusine, Le Noiray, Le Pousset, Le Teppey, Les Eaux d’Orelle and Orelette. Everywhere, you‘ll enjoy stone houses with slate rooves lining the narrow streets. Many recent buildings complete the charm of the village.
For long time, Orelle has been a well-kept secret by its inhabitants but is increasingly becoming a first choice destination for all who appreciate the calm, great skiing and beautiful mountain villages.

Orelle a unique destination


If you like calm and simplicity, you will fall in love with Orelle. Here the villages have remained traditional. You could discover our villages, appreciate architecture & friendly welcoming.

Easy access

Orelle is one of the easiest resort to come from every foreign countries : a lot of airports less than 2 hours (Turin, Chambéry, Lyon, Geneve, Milan) ; train station at only 6 & 9 km, and the nearest highway exit at 6km. You could access to Orelle easily and quickly, without a lot of mountain road.

Good value for budget

The best value for money : during the winter if you want enjoying 3 Vallées skiing, or during summr, if you want discover famous Maurienne cycling passes , Vanoise National Park. Here accomodation rates are lower than usual. A fondue to take away will cost 4.50€/pers, all parkings are free, show on the place are also free.

Great Spaces

A town with 5 inhabitants per km² and a ski area with 600km of slopes, undeniable figures: Orelle is the choice of wide, great spaces and nature.


The village, down the valley, the ski area, at 2350m. Between, a telecabin, that pick you up to the ski area in only 15 min. No "snow front" but a nice square, surrounded by all usefull shops, ski school, a bar to take a coffee, also the place to assist to shows and have pleasant times with friends or family
No other station looks like Orelle. That's why Orelle is unique.

Orelle, flowered village

Orelle, flowered village

The purpose of the “Villes et Villages Fleuris” label is to promote awareness of local communities that are developing their territory for the well-being of citizens and the enhancement of their identity.
It encourages the sharing of experience around common projects.
It offers keys for sustainable arrangements.
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